ToteSavvy Organizer

Hellllllllo ToteSavvy, the organizer that change my life, literally! I’ve had my eyes on a ToteSavvy for quite some time and I was lucky enough to be gifted their new ToteSavvy Deluxe in the Luxe Red.  (insert heart eyes) Being a mom and a full time social media consultant meant my bags were full of anything and everything. In other words, I had all the necessities (when I wasn’t forgetting something) and a huge mess. With my ToteSavvy Deluxe, I can easily switch from being a mom to being a consultant. I’ve truly never felt more organized in my life. When everything has a specific place, pocket and an insulated pocket it makes getting ready 10x easier. Not to mention that I easily switch out all of my toddler must haves for my job must haves. Everything pictured in each photo all fits in my Deluxe ToteSavvy- thats a total of 15 items minus my phone, Weston’s sippy cup, pens, selfie stick and then some. With thoughtful design and easy management, I can honestly say I have never been more organized in my life. It’s made car rides, meetings and mom life so much easier. I instantly know where everything is and don’t have to go sifting through my purse to look for something. I’m officially a reach, grab and go kinda mom.



I was gifted the Tote Savvy Deluxe in Luxe Red by Tote Savvy

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