Summer Family Bucket List

This summer is a little different for Cody and I. We are officially a family of 3 so the things we can do with a baby are limited, but thats not going to stop us. I’m making a family summer bucket list in hopes that we can complete everything on it and make some fun memories while we do so. Also, not everything on our list is related to going outdoors or spending money. Some stuff can be done inside at home too!

  1. Go to Huntington Beach
  2. Build a huge sandcastle
  3. Go night swimming
  4. Go to the mountains
  5. Attend an MLB game (Go Dodgers!)
  6. Spend the day at the lake
  7. Read that book you never got around to
  8. Get really good at braiding
  9. Try a new hairstyle
  10. Cook a new recipe
  11. Go star gazing in the bed of your truck
  12. Eat funnel cake
  13. Give you dog the best day ever
  14. Go through your closet and donate old clothes
  15. Have a bonfire
  16. Watch the waves
  17. Make s’mores
  18. Play in the sprinklers
  19. Make homemade salsa (YUM!)
  20. Go for a ride in the razor
  21. Have a picnic
  22. Take a day trip
  23. Go to Gilcrease Orchard
  24. Go to the Zoo
  25. Visit the Shark Reef
  26. Get a tan
  27. Take a night walk around the neighborhood
  28. Make milkshakes at home
  29. Redecorate your house or room
  30. Watch the sunrise
  31. Tie-dye shirts
  32. Start and finish a puzzle
  33. Have a movie marathon in PJ’s all day
  34. Paint
  35. Wash your car
  36. Feed ducks
  37. Play “I Spy”
  38. Start a DIY project
  39. Have a BBQ with friends and family
  40. Go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house
  41. Watch fireworks
  42. Have a silly string fight
  43. Try a new work out
  44. Ride on a ferris wheel
  45. Go to the movies
  46. Have a date night
  47. Buy something new for yourself
  48. Try a new beauty product
  49. Build a fort
  50. Make homemade pizza
  51. Eat snow cones
  52. Sleep in!
  53. Write your spouse a letter
  54. Make your own flower center piece
  55. Organize your pantry
  56. Attend a fair
  57. Buy fruit from a Farmers Market
  58. Make fresh lemonade
  59. Cash in your change
  60. Have a yard sale

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