Mom Monday: You And Me

Happy Monday, Mama’s. This post is so special because it highlights the stage Weston is at and its so fun to think of what he’s loving right now and how I’m feeling as a mama. I’ve seen the Project You And Me challenge on @gparrish Instagram and totally forgot about it until recently. I love it because every single day is something new and I can’t wait to look back and remember this day. Especially since Weston is growing like a tumble weed. I could ugly cry because he’s not so little anymore. Don’t forget to tag me in your post if you do the You & Me challenge so I can read it. ♡

I also challenge all you Mama’s to start writing one thing down a day about your little. It can be something happy, sad, frustrating, real, raw, you name it. Motherhood isn’t perfect, so let’s not pretend that it is. I’ll post an update of what I wrote down and share it in a couple of weeks.


You: full of energy • yelling “coco” anytime you want to watch the movie 💀 • petitioning bedtime/naptime but falling asleep within seconds 💤 • mocking every word mom & dad say 😅 • swimming until you turn into a prune • laughing when I tell you no 😤 • cuddling on your own time • learning new colors • love picking the marshmallows out of your lucky charms 🍀 • having the biggest blue eyes 👀 

Me: wondering what it’ll be like with two kids & if I can share my love ♥️ • still battling my on-going anxiety and ppd • ready to be more blonde for summer 💆🏽‍♀️ • considering going back to school 🏫 • ready for our beach family vacation 🌴 • wondering if i’ll ever go back to hot pilates • trying to resist sweets 🍫 • buying a new camera 📸 • remembering that I love pb&j 

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