Mom Monday: Summer Bucket List

It’s Mom Monday and I cant believe kids are already out of school for summer break. I’m not going to lie, its been so nice having my nieces and nephews around. I got to take my niece the other day for a little girls date and it was such a blast. We got Starbucks, went swimming and ate lunch. She’s so good with Weston and always entertains him. It was a total win, win situation. With that being said, I’m listing 40 Summer Bucket List ideas for the whole family. As time goes on and ideas roll in, I’ll slowly add to the list, but for now, this is a pretty legit list on what to do for Summer. I know I cant wait for all the pictures my camera roll with fill up with and the memories I get to make with my family.

Summer Bucket List

  1. drink from a coconut
  2. watch parent trap
  3. make a key lime pie
  4. count stars
  5. go out on a boat
  6. have a water ballon fight
  7. take a hammock nap
  8. visit the beach
  9. get ice cream in a waffle cone
  10. play family kickball
  11. have a picnic
  12. make breakfast for dinner
  13. make s’mores and add fruit
  14. go visit an orchard
  15. eat a caramel apple
  16. play in the sprinklers
  17. make a bouquet with fresh flowers
  18. buy something from a garage sale
  19. start a DIY project
  20. play mini golf
  21. create a lemonade stand
  22. shop at a farmers market
  23. color the sidewalk with chalk
  24. go out on a date
  25. try a new restaurant
  26. unplug for 24 hours
  27. buy something for yourself
  28. go on a hike
  29. buy your dog a puppachino
  30. break a piñata
  31. get photos printed
  32. buy a new summertime candle
  33. re-organize your house
  34. play on the swings
  35. make homemade pizzas
  36. go bowling
  37. buy a new plant
  38. make homemade play dough
  39. try a new recipe
  40. doing something out of your comfort zone


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