Mom Monday: 3 Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

Calling all traveling parents! This blog post is for you. I’m giving you 3 of the best tips for traveling with a toddler. Weston has been traveling with us since he was three weeks old. I’m a firm believer in starting them out young (even though he’s our first). I remember being young and traveling all the time in the car. If theres one thing I’ve learned about traveling by car its that you always need the best road trip snacks. They help time pass and usually fill you up to the point where a food coma nap is a must. Anywho, when Cody and I travel with Weston, we always make sure to pack his stuff first. Even if it means theres no room left for us. Just kidding! One thing that is different for us with our parenting is that we don’t let Weston play on an iPad or watch TV. The iPad choice is our decision, but TV wise, Weston has no interest in it, so it helps. Which I totally understand, that thats no an option for some parents, but I’m listing some pretty good tips below that can possibly help you prevent breaking out that iPad or movie before hitting the road.

Tip #1: If you’re traveling long distances, usually over 3 hours, I recommend putting them in an overnight diaper. Overnight diapers are more absorbent and less likely to fill up as fast. Speaking from experience, this really helps. Especially if you don’t plan on stopping. 

Tip #2: Always bring a new toy or a toy they haven’t played with in a while. I like to rotate toys out. So some toys will be stored in the garage and I’ll bring those out once I notice that Weston is losing interest in the ones he has. I really recommend this alphabet tablet or this fun learning game controller for traveling. It does make noise but it keeps him occupied for hours on end. Its also great for learning! 

Tip 3: Hold off on the nap as long as you can. Weston takes two naps a day, one at 10am and another a 3pm depending on how long the first nap is. We like to plan our trips around his naps, but that doesn’t always work. This last trip we went on, we didn’t leave until noon. He was fussy, not interested in any toys and only wanted to be held. Of course it was pure chaos packing everything into suitcases and the truck, while you have a cranky toddler on your hands, but you’ll make it through. Promise! Not only that as soon as we get on the road, he was out like a light. And when I say light, I mean instantly and he’ll usually sleep 3-4/hrs on the road. Pure silence for you! #momwin

These are just some of the tips that I wanted to share. We’re going on another trip soon and I’ll be testing out different methods along the road, but I promise to keep you all updated. If any of you mama’s have any advice or know of anything that works when traveling, please leave a comment so I can share with others.

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