La Jolla Beach Travel Guide

Do you ever feel like vacation goes by way too fast, but then when you get home it makes you just as happy as being on vacation? Could just be me, haha! We had so much in La Jolla and ate so much yummy food. I’m sharing my favorite dining spots, things to do as a family alone with where we went and places shopped. We also went and saw a good friend of ours in Carlsbad since he just opened up his own gym called Kore Performance. Its always such a cool experience watching friends grow with their career We made tons of new memories, took sooo many pictures and Weston played in the sand for hours on end. He had it in every nook and cranny that it made for an interesting bath time, haha. Lets just say the tub looked like the beach by the time we were done.

On another note, Cali has scooters that your ride around everywhere and I’m kinda obsessed with the idea, not going to lie. Instead of driving everywhere and paying for parking OR finding parking, we just rode scooters everywhere. It was a blast. Convenient and it usually only cost $10 to get to our destination. Plus the weather was so nice it made for the perfect group ride.


Places to Eat

Mr. Moto – Some of the BEST pizza I’ve ever had. One slice is bigger than your face and they have so many good specialty pizza’s. We got two slices and a drink for $9 and that fed both Cody and myself. We went with a slice of their sweet dreams and Mr. Moto. So dang good!

Coasters Saloon – I can’t stop dreaming about the BBQ pulled pork burger I got from here. If you missed my picture, you can find it here. I’m not exaggerating when I say they have the best BBQ sandwich. I’ll totally be back and won’t be eating BBQ anywhere else. It is a seat yourself establishment and kid-friendly. Weston played Jenga on the table (they provided) to keep him busy and our bill was surprisingly cheap for six people to all eat. Cody got the “You My Boy” bleu cheese burger and said it was amazing. My mom also said her mushroom burger was the best she’s ever had. 10/10 recommend.

The Baked Bear – We tried to go here on a Friday night and the line was OUT the door. I’m not kidding when I say it was out the door and down the street. I can totally see why though! I got an ice cream sandwich and it was heavenly. I went with their cookies and cream cookie and a chocolate chip cookie with their baked bear ice cream in between. The baked bear ice cream is blue and tastes like cake batter with fudge and brownie pieces. It was $6 per sandwich and totally worth it. If you saw my Instagram story, you saw how cute my sandwich looked. Keep scrolling and I have it posted below.

After – This ice cream place is Instagram worthy, but I wasn’t all that impressed. Their Cookie Butter flavor was really good, but the ice cream started melting before we even left the store. And when I say melt, we asked for bowls before we left to keep from the mess. We spent $7 per person for a cone and two scoops.

Toast – Best brunch I’ve ever had. From the names of their entrees to the names of their drinks, this place was so dang cute and has the best brunch ever. Their Coffee Cake Pancakes were amazing and I’ll definitely be back. They’re located in Carlsbad, so if you’re ever in the area I would make a stop to go eat there.

Places to Shop

Brandy Melville – Cody and I got a chance to sneak away and go do some shopping so we walked down to a couple stores, this being one. They have the cutest jewelry and best graphic tee’s. I got two graphic tees, a necklace and ring for under $100. They’re right along the beach and next to The Baked Bear.

Sun Diego – Located in Belmont Park, they’re basically a surf shop with all major surf brands like Billabong, Santa Cruz, etc.

Family Friendly Places

Bellmont Park – First time here and it was fun. It’s basically a carnival by the beach with tons of games and a few attractions. I would only purchase tickets for anyone who is interested in riding any of the rides. Cody did the bumper cars, roller coaster and rock climbing. We bought 5 tickets and only used 3, however, you can find discounted tickers at Costco in the San Diego area. We saved $20 per person buying the tickets from Costco. For children under three, I recommend buying them a ride pass and just preloading it with money. Weston could only ride 3 of the 4 rides and they cost $4 per ride. He also had no interest in any rides other than the train, so I guess it was okay. Cody did win him a basketball and I lost $5 to a game, but it was fun.

Pacific Beach – This beach was poppin. Between the bars, shopping center and beach, there were so many things to do. We put up a tent and lounged for about five hours by the beach. The water was surprisingly warm too, so it made for the perfect beach day.

La Jolla Cove – We had a blast here! Weston thought it was the funniest thing that sea lions made noise. They have a little stand that had information about the seals and sea lions and how you can tell the difference. We saw a ton of them paying in the water and sun bathing, it was the cutest.

Outfit Details

Bellmont Park


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