Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

It’s finally that time of year again and it’s going to be here before we even know it. I swear the beginning of the year always takes its sweet time and then the end of the year just passes by. Thankfully I’m on track and have everything ready for this years fun family traditions. I’m so excited for Weston to open up presents and spend time with his cousins. Nothing beats family time. I’ve listed 20 fun toddler holiday friendly gifts, some inexpensive and others more of a splurge.

T O Y  S H O P

Strider – Weston got this for his birthday and he’s super interested in it. I’ve heard it teaches toddlers how to balance better on a bike since they’re not quite not old enough to use petals.

Wood Blocks – You can never go wrong with wood blocks. Weston loves building things and these would be perfect to add to his block collection.

Play-Doh – I totally got Weston Palydoh for Christmas! We’ll use it outside when it starts to get warm again, but I think this is a great addition to a sensory activity.

Stance Socks – These are the only socks Weston wears thanks to his dad. I love them though. Great quality and worth the money in my opinion. (P.S. its our family tradition to always give socks, haha!)

Trike – Weston also got a trike for his birthday and he loves sitting on it and pushing himself around. I remember having one of these when I was little and loved it! Such a great invention.

Velcro Shoes – I love a good pair of velcro shoes for toddlers. Easy to put on or take off and these ones look super easy to clean too! Can’t beat it the price, plus free shipping.

Trampoline – We just got a 15ft trampoline and it’s the best! Weston loves jumping on the trampoline and it also wears him out, haha. Total win. This one is 12ft and super reasonable with a net too!

Cleaning Play Set – Anyone else’s kids love to play with the swiffer or broom? Because mine totally does. I’m highly considering getting this for Weston, haha.

Helmet – Safety first, always! I’m so excited for Weston to start learning how to ride his bike and I figured we could put some cool stickers on this one once we get to that stage. Comes in tons of colors.

Magnetic Books – I love magnets because they’re so dang easy to clean up, haha! They literally stick together and its so fun to watch Weston play with them. He gets so into it and his little laugh is the best.

 Scratch Art Pads – I loved these when I was little. So fun for kids and they’re mess free!

Ghandi Book – This brand has the best books! Tons for girls and boys all about influential people in the world.

Veer Wagon – This is more so for parents than kids. I’ve had my eye on this specific wagon for a while now. Eventually we’ll get it once we have another kiddo, but its so dang nice and convenient. Perfect for travel or the beach.

Mighty Wheels Set – Weston has a ton of these and loves them. Good for outside or the tub. Super durable too!

Magnetic Tiles – These are a must have. You can build and build for hours and they’re easy to clean up. We store ours in a show box.

Counting Bears – These are perfect for learning colors and counting! I added these to my cart last night.

Bounce Horse – I’m totally getting this for Weston just so I can watch him play on it. Less than $25 and looks like fun.

Animal Set – You can never go wrong with an animal set. 54 pieces and lots of fun to get the imagination and creativity flowing.

Pajama Set – You can never have too many pajama’s. I love a good pj set!

Play House – I want one of these for Weston to put in either a play room or backyard, but I have to wait until we move. This one is so cute and a reasonable price.


O U T F I T   D E T A I L S 


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