Camping Must Haves

Helllllo camping, huge bugs and new adventures. This was our very first overnight camping trip with Weston and I must admit that I was a little nervous. I’ve never gone camping with an 8 month old before and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I really just think I was more nervous because I thought it would be hot when we were sleeping in our tent, but surprise! Mother Nature fooled me. It was seriously freezing! And I only packed for warm weather. And when I say warm, I mean, one blanket to share, no socks, you get the drift. Lesson learned on that one. To all the woman out there, over packing is TOTALLY okay and I definitely recommend doing it, haha! But in all seriousness, we had a lot of fun. Our tent is big enough for a full size blow up air mattress, a pack-n-play and all of our luggage. We set up our camping chairs outside and stuffed our air mattress inside. We made the mistake of blowing it up first and then trying to put it in the tent. It was so funny watching Cody pull it through, haha! On the plus side, we had so much in Moapa. We swam in a hot spring and just lounged all day with family. Of course we took tons of pictures, went on walks and even made my favorite camping treat of all time.. S’MORES! My nieces and nephews know I love my marshmallows burnt to a crisp and nice and gooey! It’s become one of their favorites too. All in all, we had so much fun and I definitely can’t wait to go again. Preferably when its a little bit nicer out and the Vegas heat isn’t baking us, but it was worth every second.




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