California Round Up

Hey y’all ♡ We’ve been in Encinitas, California for the past couple of days, enjoying every second of the beach, trying new places to eat and making new memories as a family. We normally take a family trip every year and this year was the first year going without our HUGE family. We rented an Airbnb and I must admit, this was our first time ever renting an Airbnb and I highly recommend it. It was so easy and cheap too! We had ocean views and it was walking distance to the beach and so many cute little shops and places to eat. We found an amazing taco shop and an even better ice cream shop. Not to mention there was a mall 10 minutes away and Sea Port Village was 25 minute drive. It was also Weston’s very first time at the beach and he loved it. I might have loved it even more. He loves being outside in general which makes me so happy, but he is not really a fan of the sand, which I’m totally okay with, but he loved the water. He’s a little spoiled because Grandma’s pool is heated and of course the ocean isn’t, but he still had a great time. I loved watching him play in the sand with his cousin and Cody building them sand cantles to destroy later. We’re going back out to California at the end of August and I can’t wait. We love being by the beach and my hubs is definitely a Cali boy at heart. Also, if you’ve never been to the beach before with your little one, definitely take baby powder. It takes the sand off in seconds. Life changing for all you mama’s, haha!





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