7 Beauty Products I’ve Purchased For Summer

Flat lay of the best 7 beauty products for Summer.

Got the blog goin’ up on a Tuuuuuesssdddaaaayyy. Okay, just kidding! I’m exhausted from all the errands I ran yesterday and the nap I didn’t get. But on a more positive note, I’m sharing my 7 recent purchases that I got for Summer and they’re good. I swear I’m not just saying that. I’m sure some of you have seen a few of these beauty products around, but I just had to share and tell you why I love them. If you have a must have Summer product that you absolutely swear by, please share it with me through Instagram. I love discovering new beauty products and having stuff to try out.


Tula Day & Night Cream – I’ve heard so many people rave about this moisturizer and now I know why. This probiotic cream leaves my skin feeling refreshed and youthful. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it out. You can use the code JITNEY20 for 20% off or sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off.

Cartier Perfume – Hands down this is the best smelling perfume ever. I love this more than my YSL or Calvin Klein and that’s saying something. Its so perfect for Spring/Summer. It has a sweet smell and is to die for. Mine also came with the cute travel size perfume.

Sugar Scrub – If you want your skin to feel silky smooth I highly recommend buying Raw Sugar Living’s sugar scrub. Their coconut + mango smell is my all time favorite! They also have a good lemon one too!

Urban Decay Setting Spray – I can’t get over how amazing this setting spray is. My make up will last allll night long, hence the name of this spray. I always buy the travel size because it lasts forever and I use mine pretty often.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade – The legit holy grail for your brows. I swear by this pomade! My brows wouldn’t be the same without it. Enough said!

IOP Facial Tanning Drops – This stuff is amazing! If you’re even looking to go a few days without makeup and want a natural looking tan on your face this is your go-to. I use the shade light and feel like it works really well. Put it on the night before or early in the morning and you’ll notice a difference. Also makes your teeth look whiter.

Tarte Lipstick – My new BFF! The color Sale Life is my new favorite and I cant get over how smooth this goes on and stays. Its a moisturizer lipstick and I’m totally here for it.


Flat lay of the best 7 beauty products for Summer.

Flat lay of the best 7 beauty products for Summer. Flat lay of the best 7 beauty products for Summer. Flat lay of the best 7 beauty products for Summer.


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