5 Tips For Healthy Long Hair

I get asked all the time if my hair is real. The answer is yes! It wasn’t always as long as it is now, but it was long. During and after pregnancy, my hair kept growing, but I’m sure what I had changed in my routine had a lot to do with it. I switched a few things up and tried some new tips and tricks and it has definitely helped make a difference in length and thickness.

Tip #1: Stop using cheap shampoo and conditioner. In high school, I always used Herbal Essence. I loved the the variety they had and it was super cheap. Like $5 for a huge bottle of it cheap. Little did I know, it wasn’t helping my hair grow at all. I switched to RedKen and Joico and it made such a difference. I usually switch out my shampoo and conditioner once they’re gone. So I basically start with RedKen shampoo and conditioner and once thats gone, I’ll switch to Joico. I noticed such a difference in my hair. It was softer, longer and healthier. You have to remember that our hair gets tired of the same stuff we use over and over, so it’s totally okay to switch things up.

Tip #2: Trim your hair. I used to refuse to get my hair trimmed. I would rather have an inch and a half of dead, split ends than to have it cut off. If you don’t trust your hairstylist, you need to find a new one. Hair care is just as important as anything else and my hairstylist (my sister-in-law) always knows what my hair + me need! A trim will keep your hair looking healthy and strong, I promise.

Tip #3: I started using a leave-in conditioner. I just apply it after the shower to damp hair and then brush my hair out. It makes a world of a difference. It has tons of nutrients and works as a detangler so you don’t damage your hair brushing through it. My leave in conditioner smells so good and works as 10 different hair products. You can read all about the one I use here.

Tip #4: I started using less of my straightener and more of my curling wand. With a curling wand, you can avoid using any heat on your ends and have beach-wave hair. A trend that will probably be in forever. I noticed over time my hair started growing and I didn’t have to wash it as much as to when it was straight. Natural oils help your hair grow, so avoiding washing it every day or two is good. Dry shampoo works too!

Tip#5: I wear my hair in a fun bun when I go to sleep. It keeps it from getting tangled and slept on. I’ve noticed it makes a difference in my hair when I wake up. Its not kinked at the ends and I don’t have a cowlick either. Double plus.

I hope this helps all you ladies in getting to the hair goal you want.

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