2019 Resolutions

It’s officially 2019 and who would I be if I didn’t make a New Years resolution or two. This year I want to focus on Family, Health and Blogging. One of my main goal is to go on more dates with Cody. Having Weston and full time jobs, our life has changed dramatically (in a good way). So Cody, if you’re reading this, lets go on a date! Aside from dates, I plan on our little family traveling more and maybe adding one more into this crazy life by the end of this year. The real questions is, do I mean a baby or a puppy? You’ll have to check back later, haha! Health wise, my goal is to be more active. I lost 10lbs before my birthday and felt amazing! Of course I stopped working out as much and slowly gained back half of it. Fail on my part. However, I am determined to get back on track. I’ve started eating healthier, drinking more water and stopped the snacking. FYI, my nickname when I was younger was “Snack Hamster”. If that doesn’t say something, then I don’t know what will. All jokes aside, my ultimate goal is to lose 25lbs by July. Even if I make it halfway, I’ll be happy. We all have to start somewhere anyways. With blogging, my goal is to focus on Family, Fashion and BEAUTY. It’s been a tough go around. My account got hacked and my engagement plummeted and now I’m on the verge to getting it all back. I mean, I was averaging 500-1000 likes per photo and now I’m at 200-600. Talk about a dramatic change. You live and learn, so when I say this has been the hardest journey yet, I mean it. With that being said, thank you to all of you who have been following along and for your support, it truly means the world to me. Below I’m making a list of things I hope to accomplish this year and I’ll be checking back at the end of 2019 to see if these goals have been accomplished or got lost in the crazy. Let me know some of your goals on my latest Instagram post or comment below!


Goals For 2019

  • Go on more dates with Cody
  • Travel to Utah
  • Travel to California
  • Lose 25lbs by July
  • Buy our 1st home
  • Write at least one blog post a month
  • Drink more water and less RedBull
  • Take Weston on Mommy + Me dates
  • Go to Seattle
  • Visit the Temple more
  • Become a full-time blogger (this is more of a long-term goal)

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