100 Best Amazon Finds For Everyone

Amazon Finds, Amazon, Family DealsOh happy day! Literally! I’m so happy its Friday, haha.  I did a poll on Instagram not too long ago asking if you all wanted a blog post for my favorite Amazon finds and 97% of you said yes, so here we are. Also, thank you to anyone who participated in that poll or who watches my stories. You’re the real MVP’s! I just have to share with you though, Amazon is like Costco and Sams Club combined. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can spends hours on that site, hence why this blog post took a while. I really had to think and look for the best finds for the entire family and also look for the best prices. From food to clothes and toys, the options are endless. Below I’m listing ten of my absolute favorite things that I just recently bought, along with five items that I have in my shopping cart. If you’re also looking for a specific item, leave me a comment and I will hunt it down for you!

10 Items I Recently Bought:

Sigma 35mm Lens: I just bought this lense about a week ago and I’m still getting used to it. Its a total upgrade from my 50mm, but I’m loving it so far.

Biker Shorts: These are such a hit with me. I’m obsessed. They give you a modest, yet trendy look. I blame the Kardashians for this one, haha!

6 Piece Fridge Organizer: This is my favorite item that I’ve bought. I can’t express enough how excited I am to be putting these to use. Organization is huge for me and to be able to keep a fridge organized are some major goals.

Boho Macrame: These are so cute, so I had to hop on the bandwagon and get one. You also can’t beat the price.

Baby Safety Kit: I can’t believe we had to buy these, but with a new house, comes Baby Safety 101! Weston loves trying to plug things into the wall, so I’m giving in. This mama rather be safe than sorry.

Wooden Board Blocks: Weston has a ton of toys that make noise, but I like that this is made for his recognition and will help him learn.

Mens Catchall: Cody is notorious for leaving stuff in random places so I’m hoping this will help keep everything in one place. Fingers crossed.

Shark Steam Mop: I didn’t just recently buy this, but I absolutely LOVE this steam mop. I swear by it actually. Totally worth every single penny, I promise.

Muscle Soak Bath Bomb: Just got these for Cody and I’m hoping they help with his sports body. We’ll see, fingers crossed.

Cereal Organizers: You know I gave in and bought these. I just couldn’t resist. Its easier to use when you have a toddler hanging on your hip and I love that they keep the cereal fresh.

5 Items In My Cart:

Embroidered Sun Dress: This dress is so cute! I’ve been on the hunt for a Summer dress and this just might be the one.

Straw Bag: Dying over how cute this is. My mind is totally on Summer. Probably just going to give in and buy it!

Mens Sweater: This is for all The Office lovers out there. Dwight is my favorite and Michael is my husbands, but I love this so much. Could totally be unisex too!

Toddler Scooter: Weston has so much fun on this at his grandma’s house, but he doesn’t know how to ride one just yet, so I’m waiting. Hopefully it’ll go on sale, haha.

Mens Work Backpack: Cody needs this! He’s been using a really nice one lately, but its pretty bulky so this is ideal for traveling. I also love the color.

Pro Tip: You can leave something in your Amazon cart and when it goes on sale, it’ll notify you. If you’re risky enough, sometimes the sale continues and the prices drop even more.


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