10 Newborn Essentials

When I found out I was pregnant, I wasted no time starting my registry. I read a ton of different articles on TheBump.com about the coolest new products that were coming out and then I spent even more time reading the reviews. I only wanted things I would absolutely need. The less clutter, the better. The products listed below are ones that I have found to have helped me through this whole new mom and baby thing. ♡


Crib: I wanted something simple and white, and this crib did just the trick.

Crib Mattress: When I got this mattress, it came in a box and I just unrolled it and it fluffed up. Super soft.

Dock-A-Tot: I absolutely loved this! It makes baby feel like they are being held and even helped keep my swaddling together. Even though Cody and I didn’t co-sleep, we kept it in his bassinet right next to the bed.

Boppy: If you plan on nursing, I would definitely recommend. I couldn’t use it while nursing because it wasn’t comfortable to me. But I do put Weston in it now to practice sitting up and to lounge in while I clean.

MamaRoo: My go-to! I walked my entire pregnancy and worked 2 weeks up until I was due and I think thats why Weston loved it so much. We definitely got our moneys worth out of this thing. You can also download the app and control it from your phone.

4moms High Chair: When my husband brought up the fact that he wanted to get this high chair, I said no. The price was a bit high, but we wanted endless tutorials on it and I ended up getting a 25% off coupon, so we gave in and splurged. It’s light weight, easy to move around, SUPER easy to clean and I love that its magnetic. It also has a 5 harness strap you can use. Seriously worth every penny, in my opinion.

Graco Admiral Stroller: I went five months without watching a tutorial on how to use this stroller and I deeply regret it. It turns into just a base when you only need to take the car seat, you can flip the big seat front facing or backwards, you can adjust the seat to upwards or laying back, it turns super smooth, or you can have the wheel fixed so it doesn’t move left or right and its surprisingly not that heavy to haul around. I love using it on outdoor walks too!

Baby Bath: This is by far one of my most used products. Weston loves bath time and loves being in the tub, splashing around. I even used it out of the tub to place him on the counter while I did dishes because It’s basically a little chair for him to sit in without being able to roll out.

Dr. Brown Bottles: I was using Avent bottles (still love that brand) but once Weston started started showing signs of gas I switched to Dr. Brown and they definitely helped. One of my favorites.

Nose Frida: Seriously a life saver. When Weston was sick, the bulb syringe wasn’t doing the job and I really needed something to get the mucus out. Low and behold, the Nose Frida- one of life’s greatest inventions ever!



Leave a comment if you have products you use that you just can’t live without.

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