10 Favorites Under $50

Hey babes! I’m probably so late to the graphic/band tee trend, but I don’t care, haha. I am obsessed. I want to just fill my closet with cute, comfy clothes + band tee’s are definitely on that list. Even if I’ve only listed to a hand full of the bands I wear. I mean, do we really all listen to old classic rock? Not me! Okay, only sometimes. (Rarely!) I’ll be listing my top 10 favorite fashion items that are all under $50! They’re good ones too, I promise. Just a little side note, these jeans are the comfiest jeans I own! Post-baby body and all. They have a little stretch to them and are a little high waisted which I love. If you haven’t tried them yet, 10/10 would recommend, haha! I have been counting down the days until it gets cold in Vegas and I have a feeling it wont be until December. So until then, I’ll keep you all up to date on what I’ll be wearing as we slowly make out transition.






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